Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Welcome To The Family ...

Good Morning!
Last week saw the last of my recent purchases arrive that I'd ordered off the internet. The first was a big box from Crocus containing a Fuchsia I'd had my eye on for a while along with a Double Auricula to add to my collection.

Fuchsia 'Mrs Popple' and Auricula 'Crimson Glow'


I potted up the Auricula straight away into a Teracotta pot. You may remember how to do this from a few posts ago but if not here's a quick reminder of the best way to do this.

Mix some soil-based compost (I use John Innes no.2) with some Horticultural Grit.

Add the plant and then top it off with some more soil and a layer of Grit on the surface.

The second arrival was the last of my order from Thompson&Morgan. 

5 Dianthus 'Crimson Rim' plug plants!

Potted up straight away into some pots of compost, I can't wait to see them when they bloom!

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

What's Looking Good Right Now ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a few photo's of some parts of my garden that I'm enjoying right now. The weather has warmed up a little bit (fingers crossed it stays that way) and everything seems to stepping into gear a bit more now! So without further ado here's a few snaps of what is looking good right now around the garden.

Over the past few months Viola's have become one of my favourite flowers, how can you resist their smiley faces? These lovelies are currently sat waiting to be used in a display.

My potted Azalea is flowering brightly and it's wonderful to see such a pop of colour at this time of year!

Now I know the next plant isn't to everybody's liking, and I have to admit the plain yellow version doesn't feature high in my list of favourites. However I love all the various tones in the following picture and I'l definitely be hoping that I get some more like this next year ...

The Apple Tree's are going from strength to strength and are now not only showing some leaves but some buds of blossom too!

The Lewisia I bought a couple of weeks ago is flowering and I love the peachy tones.

On a final note the last thing I have to share with you is my Roses! When I first started this blog I shared some photo's of when I potted them up bareroot. They are now developing their leaves and looking rather healthy! Only problem is I don't know what varieties they are as they all got mixed up at work before I brought them home! I shall have to dig out the original list of varieties and try to match them once they bloom lol

FINAL NOTE - In regards to the other 2 Dahlia Tubers not shooting yet, they finally have :)

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Some More Catching Up ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a bit of a follow on from the previous one, I've had quite a few little jobs to do over the past week or so which means lots of photo's! lol First off I decided to add to my little teractotta pot collection with some Primula's, Dianthus and Saxifraga.

Here's a little peek at how the stand looks at the moment however there will probably be a little re-shuffle with some more pots going on the top replacing the Iris, Lavender and Skimmia.

A couple of weeks ago I received a voucher in the post for 50% off any plant at a nearby Garden Centre. Well I couldn't ignore it could I so I went and bought an Acer (Phoenix) as every small garden should have one.

Whilst making the planted up pots at work last week I spotted these cute little pots that were perfect for these two plants I'd also had my eye on. Can you tell that me working in a Plant Nursery is dangerous!

And lastly my Dahlia Tubers are FINALLY starting to do something, I was starting to give up hope! So far it's only 1 of each variety that's showing signs of life but hopefully the remaining two will pick up soon, they're certainly taking their time!

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Catching Up ...

Good Morning!
In my Greenhouse the Tomatoes have certainly put on a lot of healthy growth, 2 of which in particular! I have a selection of varieties growing this year but the 'Sungold' seem to have shot ahead of the others. They're actually large enough to pot up into their final pots (although I don't have the space for this yet lol) but I managed to fit them in, just! I always use large plastic pots for my Tomatoes but there are a variety of other ways to grow them.

TIP - When planting tomatoes make sure you bury the plant right up to it's first set of leaves.

Over the past weekend I also finally managed to put something into my raised bed. Although there's not much in there atm there is more stuff to go in, but it's just not ready yet. So far there are some Spring Onions, Lettuce and a row of Radish seeds.

In the Garden I noticed that finally my Astrantia's are starting to show through the ground, I had to share as I was starting to give up hope on seeing these again seeing they were taking so long!

Both of my new Apple Tree's are coming into leaf ...

'Tickled Pink'

'Cox's Orange Pippin'

Remember those Grass plant plugs I shared a few weeks ago? Well they were ready to put up into some larger pots and are starting to put on some healthy growth, I think the 'Carex - Frosted Curls' (first on the left) is my favourite of the four so far. I shall have to get a better photograph of them each sometime for you all as this one doesn't do them justice!

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Sweet Pea's ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is all about Sweet Pea's! One of the UK's favourite flowers (and mine) it just wouldn't be the same without these lovelies in your garden each Summer! I have grown a selection of the following types this year, both in the Autumn and Spring. Unfortunately though during the hardening off period I lost 3 of my Autumn Sown ones in the strong winds. My fault for not securing them to their sticks properly!

TIP - Although Sweet Pea's are hardy it is always best to harden them off for about a week before planting out in their final positions.

I have decided to place them in various parts of the garden this year. One of which is the large tub next to the GH. I took out the Primroses that were planted here and re-potted them into a spare Teracotta pot, therefore not allowing them to go to waste! I did however keep the Crocus's in the centre as they will die down.

Once the tub was ready I laid out some stakes and then positioned into place. 

Next I positioned each Sweet Pea into place at the base of each stake then carefully tied each plant to a stake using Twine.

TIP - Use Twine instead of Metal Ties when tying in plants as they are a lot gentler on the plant.

I made a smaller wigwam out of Bamboo canes at the front of my shed and this time planted the Sweet Pea's directly into the ground. I haven't grown them in this particular position before so it'l be interesting to see how well they do. 

There is also another tub of Sweet Pea's, this time in a smaller size but at the front of my house which is also a new position for this year.

Why don't let you let me know what your plans are for Sweet Pea's this year? It'd be lovely to hear your ideas.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good Friday ...

Good Morning!
I hope you all are enjoying your Easter break. Unlike most of you lucky people I had to work yesterday (Good Friday) and will also be doing so on Monday but I did manage to get a few bits done before I went. Due to starting work half an hour later I had the chance to potter around my garden doing some watering before I started and also managed to get a quick herb pot planted up. I had some leftover herbs from last year and decided it was finally time to do something with them!

I filled the pot with a mix of compost and grit as herbs like free draining soil.

I quickly decided on an arrangement and after adding some chives along with a decorate label I was rather happy with the outcome, especially as it only took a few minutes.

Whilst watering I also took a few photo's of how one of the hanging baskets is looking, the spring bedding is looking colourful and has finally filled out a bit but I have to admit I am already imagining what my Summer baskets will look like!

The buds on the Alliums are slowly developing a purple tinge so we are getting closer to a display ...

The next thing I have to share with you is something a little different. Some of you may already know that I work in a Plant Nursery and today I thought it would be fun to share a few snaps of what I have been up to at work. Mostly the past few weeks have been spent pricking out (I won't even begin to tell you how many I  have worked through so far) but today and yesterday was spent doing something a bit more decorative!

However I couldn't resist sharing a photograph I managed to get of a bumble bee that was trapped in one of the offices. Unfortunately I couldn't giver her any sugar solution but hopefully being placed on this Surfinia did some good.

Okay so over the past few days I have been filling and planting up these wall baskets ...

Sprucing up and filling up some hanging baskets ...

Then to finish off I filled and planted up an array of various sized ceramic pots, which you have to admit is not a bad way to spend Good Friday. For all the baskets and pots I used a variety of Basket & Bedding plants along with a few Shrubs in the larger pots. Now all we need is for somebody to buy them!

Happy Easter!