Friday, 11 April 2014

Something A Little Different ...

Good Morning!
I decided to make something a little different on Sunday with some hedging plants I'd had since last Autumn. First off it was time to seperate the smaller pieces into their own pots.

I had two larger pieces that I wanted to do something a little different with and here is the result! 

Over in the GH there was yet more pricking out to do and this time it was the turn of my Comsos seedlings and Sunflower Vanilla Ice seedlings.

The Cucumber - Gherkin I sowed a couple of weeks ago has also made an appearance over the past few days along with some other seeds I'd sown.


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  1. woohoo - its all looking good Nat - my sweet peas have now made it into the soil and my broadbeans are heading there this afternoon - its quite lovely outdoors today so I'm hoping to spend some time out there. Need to set some more seeds too! Hugs rachel xx