Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Spare 10 Minutes ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is for anyone who finds themselves with a spare 10 minutes this weekend and wants to add some colour to their garden. Why not plant up a quick pot for some pretty spring interest? I find that as long as you have a minimum of 3 different plants then you can't really go wrong!

Yesterday afternoon I created the following pot with a selection a plants such as: 

  • Carex Buchananii (I love the fact it is slightly different being brown instead of the usual green).
    These are Perennial plants and do grow quite large but until it needs more space it is perfectly happy in a planted pot.
  • Iris - These bulbs were planted into pots back in the Autumn and the ones I have used today were part of a previous pot that had seen better days.
  • Viola - Perfect for instant colour and with their smiley faces how could anyone not like them! These come in a variety of colours but the soft blues & purples are my favourites.

First up I selected a pot that was a suitable size and filled half way with compost.

I positioned the Carex first with it being the largest & tallest of the three.

Once I was happy I positioned the Iris's and Viola's then topped up with compost.

After giving the pot a good water it was ready to go outside. I haven't decided on the final position just yet but for now it'l be quite happy on my doorstep.

I also wanted to share with you a look at how the Tulips (of which don't actually seem the correct type to what I ordered lol) are looking that I planted up last November. After keeping them over the past few months in the GH they started to bud up earlier in the week and by Friday they were looking like this ...

Then on Saturday morning they were looking like this, a lovely surprise.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, we've been working on an extra addition to the garden here so hopefully I shall be able to share some photo's of it with you all very soon!


  1. your pots are looking fabulous hun - great work xx

  2. Lovely to see some nice colour, the pot looks great - the tulips look like a rockery variety and a very pretty. Happy gardening x Susan x