Sunday, 27 April 2014

What's Looking Good Right Now ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a few photo's of some parts of my garden that I'm enjoying right now. The weather has warmed up a little bit (fingers crossed it stays that way) and everything seems to stepping into gear a bit more now! So without further ado here's a few snaps of what is looking good right now around the garden.

Over the past few months Viola's have become one of my favourite flowers, how can you resist their smiley faces? These lovelies are currently sat waiting to be used in a display.

My potted Azalea is flowering brightly and it's wonderful to see such a pop of colour at this time of year!

Now I know the next plant isn't to everybody's liking, and I have to admit the plain yellow version doesn't feature high in my list of favourites. However I love all the various tones in the following picture and I'l definitely be hoping that I get some more like this next year ...

The Apple Tree's are going from strength to strength and are now not only showing some leaves but some buds of blossom too!

The Lewisia I bought a couple of weeks ago is flowering and I love the peachy tones.

On a final note the last thing I have to share with you is my Roses! When I first started this blog I shared some photo's of when I potted them up bareroot. They are now developing their leaves and looking rather healthy! Only problem is I don't know what varieties they are as they all got mixed up at work before I brought them home! I shall have to dig out the original list of varieties and try to match them once they bloom lol

FINAL NOTE - In regards to the other 2 Dahlia Tubers not shooting yet, they finally have :)

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  1. Hi Nat - everything is looking beautiful - I finally managed to get some compost yesterday - so now all I have to do is get the pots cleaned ready to move the tomatoes into! Happy days! Hugs rachel xx

    1. Sounds like that will keep you busy :) I've still got another 10 or so Tomato plants to decide what to do with lol Luckily some of them are still a bit small for their final pots so it buys me some time! xxx

  2. Some lovely colour ready for your garden, my fruit trees are full of flower and the gooseberry and josterberry have set fruit already so hoping for a bumper fruit year. Planted you my caulis and some parsnip seeds today x Susan x

  3. Sounds like you will have a fruitful year ;) You should share some photo's sometime :) xxx