Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Catching Up ...

Good Morning!
In my Greenhouse the Tomatoes have certainly put on a lot of healthy growth, 2 of which in particular! I have a selection of varieties growing this year but the 'Sungold' seem to have shot ahead of the others. They're actually large enough to pot up into their final pots (although I don't have the space for this yet lol) but I managed to fit them in, just! I always use large plastic pots for my Tomatoes but there are a variety of other ways to grow them.

TIP - When planting tomatoes make sure you bury the plant right up to it's first set of leaves.

Over the past weekend I also finally managed to put something into my raised bed. Although there's not much in there atm there is more stuff to go in, but it's just not ready yet. So far there are some Spring Onions, Lettuce and a row of Radish seeds.

In the Garden I noticed that finally my Astrantia's are starting to show through the ground, I had to share as I was starting to give up hope on seeing these again seeing they were taking so long!

Both of my new Apple Tree's are coming into leaf ...

'Tickled Pink'

'Cox's Orange Pippin'

Remember those Grass plant plugs I shared a few weeks ago? Well they were ready to put up into some larger pots and are starting to put on some healthy growth, I think the 'Carex - Frosted Curls' (first on the left) is my favourite of the four so far. I shall have to get a better photograph of them each sometime for you all as this one doesn't do them justice!

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