Saturday, 19 April 2014

Good Friday ...

Good Morning!
I hope you all are enjoying your Easter break. Unlike most of you lucky people I had to work yesterday (Good Friday) and will also be doing so on Monday but I did manage to get a few bits done before I went. Due to starting work half an hour later I had the chance to potter around my garden doing some watering before I started and also managed to get a quick herb pot planted up. I had some leftover herbs from last year and decided it was finally time to do something with them!

I filled the pot with a mix of compost and grit as herbs like free draining soil.

I quickly decided on an arrangement and after adding some chives along with a decorate label I was rather happy with the outcome, especially as it only took a few minutes.

Whilst watering I also took a few photo's of how one of the hanging baskets is looking, the spring bedding is looking colourful and has finally filled out a bit but I have to admit I am already imagining what my Summer baskets will look like!

The buds on the Alliums are slowly developing a purple tinge so we are getting closer to a display ...

The next thing I have to share with you is something a little different. Some of you may already know that I work in a Plant Nursery and today I thought it would be fun to share a few snaps of what I have been up to at work. Mostly the past few weeks have been spent pricking out (I won't even begin to tell you how many I  have worked through so far) but today and yesterday was spent doing something a bit more decorative!

However I couldn't resist sharing a photograph I managed to get of a bumble bee that was trapped in one of the offices. Unfortunately I couldn't giver her any sugar solution but hopefully being placed on this Surfinia did some good.

Okay so over the past few days I have been filling and planting up these wall baskets ...

Sprucing up and filling up some hanging baskets ...

Then to finish off I filled and planted up an array of various sized ceramic pots, which you have to admit is not a bad way to spend Good Friday. For all the baskets and pots I used a variety of Basket & Bedding plants along with a few Shrubs in the larger pots. Now all we need is for somebody to buy them!

Happy Easter!


  1. this all looks fabulous Nat - your baskets are stunning - I've only got an overwintering one up just now with pansies in it - looking forward to doing some in late May though for the rest of the house! Hugs rachel x

    1. I agree Rachel it's always fun doing baskets! xxx

  2. How wonderful to have a job that is also your hobby/passion - heaven x Susan x

    1. It does have some advantages lol xxx