Thursday, 17 April 2014

Out In The Garden ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a little mish mash of things to share with you all, pretty much a catch up of how things are going.
With all the sunny weather we've had recently, the temperature during the day in my GH has risen immensely! It was time to take the buble-wrap down from the roof. I will be taking the rest down from the sides too but I am saving that job until the weekend as it'l require quite some time due to having to move things around a bit! Aslong as I can open the windows before I go to work it shouldn't get too hot inside.

One advantage to the sunny weather is that my over-wintering Alstroemeria has bushed up rather nicely and even started blooming which is a treat to see when you walk in.

My potted Alliums (Purple Sensations) have started budding up outside which is adding to the anticipation of them flowering in hopefully just a few weeks time!

The 'Honesty' plant I grew from seed and planted out last Autumn has also decided to start doing something in the past few weeks, but I have to say that although the flowers are pretty, I'm not too sure whether I actually like it. So it may have to find another home but I shall have a think.

One of my potted Azaleas has started showing some red buds and I really hope it flowers soon as it was a beauty last year.

I almost forgot that I also had another cheeky little addition to my garden last Saturday when I went shopping. I couldn't resist buying this Acer and it is sat waiting patiently to be potted up!

Meanwhile my Veg seedlings are looking healthy (Spring Onion, Leeks & Lettuce) so I have been hardening them off all week in anticipation to planting them in the raised bed at the weekend. Along with sowing direct some other vegetable seeds, of course when this happens I shall let you all know.

Yet more pricking out and potting on has been done in regards to bedding plants ...

... and that was only some of it! 
I shall be out in the garden on Saturday so no doubt I shall have some more bits and pieces to share with you all.

Please feel free to let me know what any of you are up to this week in the garden, it's always nice to hear how others are doing. 



  1. Hiya Nat - this all looks fabulous - my broad beans have made it out into the garden now as have the sweet peas - I planted some peas aswell last week and set some other veggie seeds. We're currently eating leeks, broccoli and cut the first asparagus from the garden this season yesterday. Its so yummy to have your own veg! I love it! My dahlias are getting big too! Wonderful stuff! Hugs rachel x

    1. Sounds like your certainly reaping the benefits of your garden! I'm still waiting for my Dahlia tubers to show some signs of life! xxx

  2. Everything is coming along nicely in the GH Nat, l ambusy still potting on and starting to harden off some veggies - sprouts at the mo. My GH is full too and the allotment is ready and rearing to go - l have started to keep my diary on my blog on a page at the top so l can keep track and use for reference x Susan x

    1. Great idea using your blog as a Dairy Susan, I have one that I write in each day what I have done and what the temperature is so I can keep track also :) Sounds like we're both at pretty much the same point! xxx

  3. Looks great Nat. I've only got a little mini greenhouse type thing with a plastic cover, but it's good enough to raise a few plants. Unfortunately singe of the mini plugs I'd ordered finally arrived last week, but in a very sorry state - so wet that they'd completely rotted. I potted them on to see if a miracle occurred, but it didn't, so I've asked for a refund. Xx

    1. Sorry to hear you have had such bad luck! What company were they from? I've had something similar happen to me but after ringing them up they sent a new batch out straight away to replace them xxx