Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Welcome To The Family ...

Good Morning!
Last week saw the last of my recent purchases arrive that I'd ordered off the internet. The first was a big box from Crocus containing a Fuchsia I'd had my eye on for a while along with a Double Auricula to add to my collection.

Fuchsia 'Mrs Popple' and Auricula 'Crimson Glow'


I potted up the Auricula straight away into a Teracotta pot. You may remember how to do this from a few posts ago but if not here's a quick reminder of the best way to do this.

Mix some soil-based compost (I use John Innes no.2) with some Horticultural Grit.

Add the plant and then top it off with some more soil and a layer of Grit on the surface.

The second arrival was the last of my order from Thompson&Morgan. 

5 Dianthus 'Crimson Rim' plug plants!

Potted up straight away into some pots of compost, I can't wait to see them when they bloom!

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  1. Love the Auricula a beautiful shape and colours. This gardening passion is costing you a fortune x Susan x

    1. lol It's a treat from my work wages so it's worth it :) xxx

  2. Beautiful auricula. Mrs Popplewell is a gorgeous fuschia, I have this one as well as a few other varieties, they're one of my favourite plants x

    1. I wasn't too keen on them originally but over the past year they have grown on me and I have quite a few to display on some staging that I'l move outdoors in a month or so :) xxx