Monday, 21 April 2014

Sweet Pea's ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is all about Sweet Pea's! One of the UK's favourite flowers (and mine) it just wouldn't be the same without these lovelies in your garden each Summer! I have grown a selection of the following types this year, both in the Autumn and Spring. Unfortunately though during the hardening off period I lost 3 of my Autumn Sown ones in the strong winds. My fault for not securing them to their sticks properly!

TIP - Although Sweet Pea's are hardy it is always best to harden them off for about a week before planting out in their final positions.

I have decided to place them in various parts of the garden this year. One of which is the large tub next to the GH. I took out the Primroses that were planted here and re-potted them into a spare Teracotta pot, therefore not allowing them to go to waste! I did however keep the Crocus's in the centre as they will die down.

Once the tub was ready I laid out some stakes and then positioned into place. 

Next I positioned each Sweet Pea into place at the base of each stake then carefully tied each plant to a stake using Twine.

TIP - Use Twine instead of Metal Ties when tying in plants as they are a lot gentler on the plant.

I made a smaller wigwam out of Bamboo canes at the front of my shed and this time planted the Sweet Pea's directly into the ground. I haven't grown them in this particular position before so it'l be interesting to see how well they do. 

There is also another tub of Sweet Pea's, this time in a smaller size but at the front of my house which is also a new position for this year.

Why don't let you let me know what your plans are for Sweet Pea's this year? It'd be lovely to hear your ideas.



  1. Hi Natalie
    I have been checking your blog each day but only just started to follow it as I don't really know how it works?!! I am a novice and this is the first year I have sown a variety of seeds. I was very reassured to see your Sweet Pea's. I have just put mine out to harden off and they seem to be the same size as yours. I did ask at a garden centre why their plants were shorter and more bushy than mine and she said I should have pinched them out. I still haven't done this as I don't know if it is too late? Perhaps you can advise? I found your blog from your card making one as I make cards as well. I really enjoy your passion and enthusiasm. All the best. Wendy

    1. Thanks for your kind words Wendy :)
      As for the Sweet Pea's yes you can still pinch them out now, simply pinch the growing tips out of the centre of each plant as this will encourage bushier growth. It may seem a bit drastic if they are tall but it will do the plant some good.
      Mine have been pinched out a few times and have still got to this height already, I have left all of mine at varying heights to see how each perform but that's just me being curious lol.
      It's still early in the season for Sweet Pea's so they will still benefit from this and put on some more good growth.
      Good luck and thanks for popping by my blog, if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask :) xxx

  2. I've got some sweet peas out already Nat - they're done pretty much in the same way as yours - except they're in a raised bed along with my regular peas. I'll take a picture when they're a bit bigger lol!! Hugs rachel xx

    1. Looking forward to seeing them hun :) xxx