Friday, 25 April 2014

Some More Catching Up ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a bit of a follow on from the previous one, I've had quite a few little jobs to do over the past week or so which means lots of photo's! lol First off I decided to add to my little teractotta pot collection with some Primula's, Dianthus and Saxifraga.

Here's a little peek at how the stand looks at the moment however there will probably be a little re-shuffle with some more pots going on the top replacing the Iris, Lavender and Skimmia.

A couple of weeks ago I received a voucher in the post for 50% off any plant at a nearby Garden Centre. Well I couldn't ignore it could I so I went and bought an Acer (Phoenix) as every small garden should have one.

Whilst making the planted up pots at work last week I spotted these cute little pots that were perfect for these two plants I'd also had my eye on. Can you tell that me working in a Plant Nursery is dangerous!

And lastly my Dahlia Tubers are FINALLY starting to do something, I was starting to give up hope! So far it's only 1 of each variety that's showing signs of life but hopefully the remaining two will pick up soon, they're certainly taking their time!

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. It all looks great Nat. Dahlias do seem to take forever but are well worth it for the flouncy blooms. Watch out for slugs and snails as they loove those lush green leaves :) Lou x

  2. Everything is coming along nicely, like your new alpines. I have an acer which is quite large now and just love to see the changing colours - it is almost ready to burst into leaf.
    Have you tried just laying your dahlia's in a seed tray with compost rather than planting them until they start growing. My allotment neighbour grows and shows them on his plot and starts them off in trays as well as taking cuttings, this way they don't get too wet and rot.
    Happy gardening x Susan x

  3. its all looking good nat. i've bought my tomato plants now but they:re nit pottrd up yet. more things to do xx