Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A BIG New Addition ...

Good Morning!
As promised I am back with something a little different today and indeed a new addition to my garden! Due to me being in a rented house and not having a very large garden, I decided to improvise and build a raised bed so I can grow some veggies! Well when I say me I meant I got my father and Andy to build it ...

Due to the fact it had to go on the patio area instead of lawn we built it at a height of 60cm to improve drainage and also add a punctured liner and some crocks to help improve drainage even more.

In went the soil and a layer of manure which I worked in the best I could ...

Topped of with some Multi Purpose compost.
 It would have been better with rotted garden compost but seeing the contents in my compost bin haven't rotted down yet I had to go for the multi purpose. Worked in as well as I could it should be okay. Also I didn't fill it all the way up as seeing my garden catches the wind quite a bit so that little bit of protection for the plants will be good!

Now all I need to do is get started, this should be interesting!


  1. Oh Natalie, the next step is putting your name down with your local council for an allotment. I love growing my own veg and have a large fruit plot too as well as my gardens at home. Chicken pellets are good stuff you could add them to your bed. I add garota to my compost and water it often and turn it if possible buit still takes ages to rot down. Enjoy your raised bed x Susan x

    1. Aye I have been meaning to get some pellets :) Thanks for finding the time to leave me a comment hun xxx

  2. fab stuff nat - i love my raised beds and grow mostly veggies - they're great fun and its so good to get your food from the garden xx

    1. Yes I can't wait for it to be self sufficient :) xxx

  3. Cool stuff. We also have veggie patch on legs though at the back of our house. Much smaller than your one, but the veggies grow so beautifully in there. Good luck!