Thursday, 3 April 2014

General Maintenance ...

Good Morning!
Just another quick post for you all today of yet some more Pricking Out / Potting On that got done over the last week. I thought I would share it with you seeing as I shared these plants from the very start with you all when I sowed the seeds! Since taking these photo's the Didiscus which hadn't germinated in the photographs has finally started making an appearance! 

Zinnia 'Envy'

Calendula 'Sunset Buff'

Tomato 'Golden Sunrise'

Due to the fact that my Autumn sown Sweet Pea's are more than ready to go outside, but can't due to having nowhere to go just yet, I have just re-potted them into larger pots and tied them to stakes using twine to help support them.

TIP - Keep a close eye on your seedlings, I have found quite a few aphids on mine in my GH in the past couple of weeks! The best thing to do is to squish them straight away otherwise they'l have a good munch on your precious plants!

My Dahlia seedlings 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' were also ready to be pricked out and you can see that some are larger than others.

The Tomato seedlings I saved from work were also ready to go into their own individual pots.

Along with the Cornflower seedlings...

Outside I did a bit of sprucing up by cutting down the Penstemons and Phygelius. April is one of the best times to cut these plants down as fingers crossed the chances of a frost are much lower. It is best the keep the stems tall throughout the Winter as it helps to protect the plant.
When pruning cut the plants down to where you can see the fresh new growth appearing at the base.

It's also pretty hard to miss the self sown viola in the 'after' picture!

The other thing I did was remove all the leaves affected with black spot on my Hellebores.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully this weather will improve soon so I can share some more things with you!



  1. Everything is growing lovely Natalie, looks like you will be having lots of lovely colour. I have cucumbers just germinating and have never grown these before. Have had 3 hard days digging the allotment - 2 days to do then and it will be ready to go. x S\usan x

    1. Sounds like your on a roll hun :) xxx

  2. this all looks very industrious Nat - have your bulbs started to sprout yet? Mine have - so excited!

    1. The outdoor bulbs such as the tulips are in full bloom along with some budding up inside the GH. The Dahlias haven't come up yet but I only started watering them recently so hopefully it won't be too long :) Going to take some cuttings too when they do aswell xxx