Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New Additions ...

Good Morning!
Last weekend I went out and I couldn't help but buy some more plants for the garden. I know what you are all thinking, where on earth are you going to put them?! Well this is where the saying 'Where there's a will there's a way' comes into play ...

I bought a selection of Bedding plants along with a Perennial Viola for one of my planted up tubs.

Which as you can see fits in with the Conifer and Lilli of the Valley perfectly.

I also bought this Callie Petunia - Peach which I had last year in one of my baskets. I had been looking for it everywhere the past month but didn't have any luck finding it until I saw one solitary pot amongst other colours on Saturday! I decided to give it it's own  little pot this year.

I also couldn't resist this Bedding Dahlia which was also amongst a mix of other Dahlia's just named as 'Mixed'. I love the mottled effect on the petals.

There was also this Gerbera which caught my eye, it doesn't photograph too well but it's a lovely mix of Pink & Creams.

The other 2 plants were a Red & Salmon Bullseye Geranium which you can see on the top shelf on each side.

Last but not least I brought home some Bush Fuschia's from work on Friday to add to my staging display. Madeleine Sweeney, Mieke Meursing, Carmel Blue & Patio Princess. These will be joined by three more varieties once the cuttings have become more established.

Here's a close-up of what is on the other piece of staging next to the new purchases. The bottom shelf is holding 2 of the Dianthus 'Crimson Rim' plants and a Lisianthus.

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