Monday, 9 June 2014

Instant Summer Colour ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a quick one to do with adding instant summer colour! Over the weekend I bought a few additions including these lovely frost proof pots which I seem to be building a collection of!
As you can see this photo includes a Clematis and Geranium which I will have more information on later in the week ...

Back to the instant colour which is what I wanted to add to one of the slightly shady spots in the garden. I teamed the new white pot with these pastel double begonais. These work great in both light and shady conditions and give a great impact.

With larger containers I tend to add polystyrene pieces to the bottom of the pots which not only aids drainage but also cuts down the amount of compost that you need to use.

Once the pot was filled with compost and slow release plant food I added the Begonias. I know it doesn't look much now but once the plants have become more established it will make a great feature.

I also couldn't resist this smaller pot and Cape Daisy which can't help but catch your eye.

I added these pots to the other 3 I have of the same make (this time in red) in the shady corner. Incase your interested the larger pots are holding Agapanthus plants and the smaller one is a Dianthus.

The eagle eyes of you may have noticed in a previous pot that I have another white pot by this make which is currently holding an Azalea in another corner.

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