Friday, 13 June 2014

Cuttings ...

Good Morning!
Do you remember the Fuschia cuttings that I took a few weeks ago? Well it was time to pot them on yet again this week and as you can see they have developed a good root system.

Fuchsia 'Mrs Popple'

It's also a good time to take some cuttings from your shrubs now. 
I decided to take some Box and Hebe 'Pearl of Paradise' cuttings. Speaking of which the Hebe is in full flower in the garden and brightens up the shady place that it is in wonderfully!

Just like with Fuschia cuttings make sure you cut beneath a leaf joint and use healthy new growth that isn't flowering. Trim back the lower leafs from the cutting.

Dip the cutting into some Rooting Powder...

Place the cutting into some compost & vermiculite which has been watered and keep in a warm place, but out of direct sunlight. Fingers crossed in the next few weeks we shall have some more plants!

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