Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Instant Summer Colour Part 2 ...

Good Morning!
I'm back as promised with the rest of my purchases from last week. Here's a close-up look at what they were. First is this lovely Summer flowering Clematis called 'Prince Charles'.

I planted the Clematis against a fence to add some colour and height. I will also be pairing it with an Evergreen climber once I have decided on what I want!

When digging the planting hole for Clematis you need to make sure the hole is really deep. I also added some Fish, Blood & Bone to the planting hole.

The Clematis needs to be 3 inches or more below the surface when planting.

Fill the planting hole back up with compost and soil and always make sure you give Clematis a good soak when planting. I use a full watering can as they need to be well watered in!

Finish the planting off by providing a structure for the Clematis to climb up. Don't worry if it's unsightly as once the climber has become established you won't be able to see it.

The second plant was a Geranium 'New Dimension' which I have planted in the same border, this will gradually spread and give ground cover but until then you can see from the previous photo I have added some leftover bedding Petunia's to fill the space.

You can see that the foliage matches the Heuchera on the left that I planted last year.

One of the other Annuals in the border are 'Nigella' plants and with their soft blue's and creams they work really well with the new additions.

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