Thursday, 5 June 2014

A Few Changes ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a little update on how things are looking and have changed around the garden. As you remember we saw our first Sweet Pea of 2014 last week and this week we were greeted by another in this beautiful painted petal design!

The Hanging Baskets that I planted up a few weeks ago are filling out and were hung out last week. Some are further on than others and here's a look at three of them.

I only bought one of these Surfinia 'Melissa' but I took cuttings from it and used the plants they produced in two other baskets. I also took another cutting this week which I am planning on using in a pot, I love the fresh pale green of the petals.

I sowed some Diascia seeds which were free with a magazine a month or so ago and after finding this teeny pot when sorting through my pots yesterday I planted it up with one of the seedlings.

The Orange Tree has come out of the conservatory for the Summer and has taken up residence is the most sheltered part on my patio I could find alongside another wigwam of Sweet Pea's.

The pot's of shrubs on the patio steps are coming along nicely and provide some all year round interest.

The 'Tickled Pink' Apple Tree has some baby apples emerging.

Finally I gave the shady spot between our conservatory and next doors a bit of a re-jig. There's an annoying gap between the fence and window that you can't really do anything with,  I blocked it off with some staging on an angle, filled it with some pots and then placed my Acer and Azalea in-front of it along with some more planted pots of bedding.

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  1. Lovely to see things coming along nicely and some blooms too x Susan x

  2. its all looking so pretty Nat! Hugs rachel xx