Saturday, 21 June 2014

Flowering Pelargoniums ...

Good Morning!
All the Pelargoniums I have are currently blooming on the stands so I thought I would take a few snaps and share them with you all! 
The first is only known as 'Pink' as it was a cutting from my Grandad last year.

The Red & Salmon Bullseye's are developing lot's of flowers.

Tomkat is looking rather striking with it's vibrant coloured petals.

'Blanche' is one of my favourite's with it's soft cream blushed with pink petals.

Bergpalais has gotten stronger and is still one of my favourite's.

The next two are from the Regal Collection. 
The first is 'Aristo Candy' which as you can see makes quite a statement!

The other is 'Velvet' which I apologise for the poor photo quality, the camera wouldn't focus properly and the petals are actually bright and deep red, although on here they seem to have a pinkish tint!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are all enjoying what's looking good in your gardens right now too!

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