Saturday, 7 June 2014

Under Glass ...

Good Morning!
There's still a few things in the Greenhouse so today I thought I would share with you exactly what they are!
Yes there is in fact still some seedlings in there, not many though. Just a few Calendula, Diascia & Coleus waiting to be planted up into pots when they're a bit bigger. The Cucamelon seeds have also germinated.

There are some 'Sweet Sultans' seedlings which will be be planted in pots where the Alliums around the Raised Bed currently are. Of course they won't be as tall but at 60cm with powdery puff blooms they will still make a nice feature.

I also have a few Marigolds which will be dotted around the Greenhouse and in the Raised Bed to help deter pests. Along with this tub of Nasturtiums which is trailing down some staging next to my TomTato's.

Of which you can see are coming along nicely here.

The other Tomato plants are coming on well too. Sungold are still ahead needing regular pinching out of the side shoots along with the Alicante & Golden Sunrise. The plants are showing lots of flowers which is a good sign!
 Note - You only need to pinch out side shoots on cordon Tomatoes.

One of the Sungold plants is even showing some fruits so it's time to start giving that plant a feed!
TIP - Start feeding your Tomato plants regularly once the first set of fruits are showing.

The Cucumber - Gherkin & Red Pepper plants are coming along nicely although even though I have Marigolds and Yellow sticky Traps hung up they seem to attracting whitefly. Spraying a soap solution is another way I am trying to deter them with.

Finally I have a shelf of Fuchsia cuttings with potted Marigolds surrounding them along with an Orchid, an Amaryllis bulb and a potted Calendula.

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  1. its all looking very good Nat - and thanks so much for the fabulous birthday card - its so pretty xx