Saturday, 31 May 2014

Meanwhile In The Garden ...

Good Morning!
Finally it is the weekend again and I wanted to share some photo's with you that I took earlier in the week. Now the weather has warmed up everything seems to be crying out for a photograph!

First up is the Orange Tree that I am currently looking after for my parents. I sowed it from seed when I was a child and they have kept it ever since, although it has never fruited, nor had a change of compost ... until now lol After re-potting into some fresh compost you can see that the tree is putting on lots of new leaf growth and since taking this photo I have moved it outside.

On Monday I pulled out some of the staging in the GH to make space and lined it up against the outside to display some plants and harden off the baskets.

On the same day I planted up a pot with a mix of Dianthus, Zinnia and Petunia's.

My Pelargonium 'Blanche Roche' has developed a lovely flower head.

The Pelargonium 'Bergpalais' has also started to bloom that I brought home a couple of weeks ago.

Pelargonium 'Tomcat' provides that flash of vibrant colour.

This week I also had my first proper harvest of the Radishes and Spring Onion that I sowed in the Raised Bed!

Finally I shall leave you with one of the Iris's I have in a larger pot that hadn't flowered until this week, I love the pale blue of this one.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your weekends!



  1. good to see the fruits of your labour looking so good xx