Tuesday, 13 May 2014

What's Looking Good This Week ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is another chance to share a few random photo's of what is looking good around the garden right now. First up is this Lewisia and although I have a few smaller plants of this I couldn't resist buying a larger version a few weeks ago and boy does this variety catch your eye! Considering all the grey and gloomy weather we've had the past week it's perfect for brightening up a container display!

The blossom on my other Apple Tree 'Cox's Orange Pippin' has finally made an appearance and is a lovely pale contrast to the deep pink flowers on my other apple tree.

I have a few Geum plants around my borders and in the past week they have all started blooming in this wonderful vibrant red colour!

One of my potted Primulas has flowered and I love how dainty it looks.

In my conservatory I saved the Amaryllis bulb that I had at Christmas and to my surprise it has developed another flower head this past week!

I also couldn't resist bringing this Geranium home recently as I love the salmon orange petals it produces as they are in such a soft shade.

Lastly over the weekend in between the thunderstorms and rain I managed to plant out some Poppy seedlings that I grew from seed in the GH and had hardened off in the garden for the past week. They are called 'Plum Pudding' and fingers crossed they will look lovely if they are successful!

TIP : Use Copper Rings to prevent slugs attacking fresh seedlings when they are newly planted in the ground.

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  1. The Lewisia looks lovely - gorgeous colour, everything is looking good and thanks for the reply, l will keep my eye open for some x Susan x

  2. excellent planting Nat - looking good! hugs rachel x