Sunday, 11 May 2014

In the Greenhouse ...

Good Morning!
It's been a while since I last shared an update on how the GH is looking inside so I thought now was the time to do it. All the bedding is coming along nicely and as you will be able to see it is itching to go out!

First up is a selection of Tagetes & Marigolds that were ready to go into the pots with my Tomatoes. 
You will see that some Tomatoes have bamboo canes to support them, these are the taller varieties and the ones without are of bush varieties. Don't forget there are still 3 more plants to come (TomTato) but as you can see that's not too bad a thing as I don't really have any free space! lol

I always plant 3 plants per pot but it is up to you how many you do, if you do so at all, as some people prefer to keep them in separate pots next to each other.

On top of my Work Bench you can see the 'Abutilon' that was previously sat on the floor has now been raised up and has quite a few 'lanterns' developing. This plant will go outside against a wall once there is no risk of frost.

The lanterns form a lower yellow half with another purple part forming just beneath. They are certainly a treat to look at and aren't something you usually expect to see!

Back to the sides of the GH and as you can see as I said before everything is coming on nicely! From the top shelf down you can Petunias, Dahlias & Ranunculus - Picotee Pink.

Mixed Bedding.

Field Maple, Basket Plants, Cuttings, Cucumber - Gherkin & Pepper & Mimulus.

Basket Plants, Marigolds & Dahlia's - 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' although a pesky slug enjoyed a nibble on these earlier in the week!

Pelargoniums & more Bedding Plants including a cheeky Cosmos that is already flowering! You can also spot 2 more Tomato Plants that are waiting to be potted up and given away.


And lastly outside the GH are some recycled plastic drums that were planted up with leftover Winter Bedding last year and are still happily blooming away!

Thanks for stopping by,
Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I hope the weather is better with you than it is here!


  1. Everything looks to be coming along nicely Natalie, Dahlia seem to be slug magnets. Love your racking - where did you get it ? x Susan x

    1. It's from Asda hun, £10 each. You can also get them off ebay in double packs for £20 xxx

  2. Everything looks amazing Nat - wonderful! Hugs xx