Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Re-Shuffle ...

Good Morning!
As you can guess from the title I have given the Greenhouse a bit of a re-shuffle! Typical just after I had shared photo's with you all of how it was looking last week lol The reason behind the re-shuffle was to fit the Tomatoes in better that have come on leaps and bounds. Even as you are reading this I am needing to try make even more space as my TomTato's arrived yesterday!

Okay so as you can see I have doubled up part of my staging near the door to make space for my Pelargoniums & Dahlias and my planted up Hanging Baskets.

Towards the back of the GH I have moved my Cucumber & Pepper Plants along with another Tomato in the middle but this is a bush variety that will go outside after the frost risk has gone.

Lastly here you can see the left side of the Greenhouse that has been taken over by Tomato Plants! From left to right you can see Sungold, Alicante, Golden Sunshine, Tom Cherry & Roma. The ones without the bamboo canes have smaller canes as they are bush varieties. I place them on trays full of gravel which I keep topped up with water just in-line with the surface to help keep on top of watering.

You can't see them very well but here are the TomTato Plants!

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  1. It is amazing how quickly the toms take over the greenhouse - lets hope the sunshine stays and more can go outside soon x Susan x

  2. you've got a lot going on there- fabulous xx