Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Few Snaps ...

Good Morning!
Today I just wanted to share with you a few individual photo's that I took around the garden last week. First off is a close up of this beautiful moth I found hiding on a decoration in my conservatory ...

We also had a hungry visitor for a few days last week who rather enjoyed my Hollyhocks and a few Aquilega's! 

Thankfully some of my Hollyhocks have started coming back through but it wasn't all bad, as he left me a space to fill and I had a plant ready for just the thing! So I dug a hole ...

Added some Fish, Blood & Bone ...

Then planted a Perennial 'Scabious' which should have deep red rich flowers. I love the Pin cushion look these have and I can't wait to see it flower .... so long as Mr Rabbit keeps away!

I also transformed a shady spot of the garden by rounding off a corner and planting a potted Hellebore.

Here's a look at one of the Aquilega's that was lucky enough to avoid our hungry customer ...

Finally all the Alliums have burst into flower and I love the added height and interest they give to the veg bed!

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  1. lots of visitors Nat - great pictures! Hugs rachel xx