Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Few Snaps ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is just to share a few more random snaps from around the garden. 

First up is a selection of Tulips at the front of the house which are one of the very few things that were here before we moved in.

The Clematis at the front of the house has been given some support and a little mulch. The ivy next to it needs taking out but it's going to be quite a task!

Remember the tiny Petunia plug plants I got from Thompson&Morgan a couple of months ago? Well they've come on nicely and were ready to be potted on this week!

Yet more Tomato Plants were ready to be potted up so as you can guess space is getting tight in the GH.

Lastly I wanted to share a photo of the pink Lily of the Valley that I have, it's always best to keep these in containers and how could you not like the dainty little blooms?

I hope you all enjoy your weekends!
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  1. Lovely pics Natalie, l have LOTV all over the place it even pushes up between the flags and am forever pulling it out.
    With your ivy - cut it near the base and deal with the root if you can and the top part will die off and pull away easier from the wall x Susan x

    1. Aye I have already started the process, just need to saw off some thick stems at the bottom as they're too thick to snap xxx

  2. Hiya Nat - everything is looking good - I'm very excited as I got the last of my greenhouse plants today - a final tomato, two cucumbers and 6 jalapeno chilli plants - things are starting to get tight in my greenhouse too but once the dahlias go out things should improve! Oh yes - I got some peas and mangetout aswell - The ones I planted didn't germinate so I had to go for some plants! Here's hoping! Hugs rachel xx

    1. Sounds like things are getting very exciting for you hun! xxx