Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Re-Potting Sempervivums & More ...

Good Morning!
Back on Sunday I spent the afternoon re-potting some plants, most of them needed some fresh new compost and the Sempervivums, well you can see for yourself ...

Each of the heads of this plant can actually pulled out to form a new individual plant. Which is exactly what I did!

Sempervivums thrive in rock garden so just like I did with Auriculas  I re-potted them into teracotta pots with a mix of soil - based compost (John Innes no.2) & grit.

I also re-potted this Fuschia which was actually a cutting I took last summer. Seeing that I want to keep my Fuschias in pots permanently I have used John Innes no.2 instead of Multi-Purpose.

The Pelargoniums were re-potted into larger pots and fresh compost.

Lastly here's a look at how the Raised Bed is looking seeing it's been a while since I last shared it. As you can see I have added some Brocolli & more Lettuces to the left, the Radishes have germinated (thinned to 1 inch spacing) and the Spring Onion are doing well on the far right.

The Alliums have also shot up even taller than before and I can't wait for them all to open!

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