Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hanging Baskets ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is all about Hanging Baskets! Now it is a bit early to be putting Hanging Baskets out just yet, there's still a risk of frost so it is best not to put them out or any bedding plants until the end of May / first week of June. 
However now is the perfect time to get your Summer Hanging Baskets planted up! By keeping them undercover in your GH for the next couple of weeks it gives them a chance to fill out and become more established before being planted out. Resulting in them looking even better when they are on show!

First off I still have my Spring Baskets out so I collected some extras for planting up, it's always good to have some spares ;) Before filling make sure your baskets are free from any old plant waste and have drainage holes. You may need to stab a few holes through the liner yourself so it's always good to give them a good check.

It is always a good idea to add some slow release plant food to your baskets. There are a variety of different brands and types out there but this year I have decided to try 'Incredibloom' by Thompson&Morgan.

With my baskets I always like to add 3 basket plants which fill it up nicely. It may not look like it when you first plant them up but they do fill out. 

You can also add some 'filler' plants which are bedding plants perfect for going in between the larger plants, such as Lobelia which I have used here. In this basket you can see a Petunia, Nepeta and Calibrachoa. I repeated each basket design twice so that I would always have a corresponding design.

I also decided to keep some of my baskets without a bedding filler and all the one variety but different colours. For example this basket includes Petunias, one of which is 'Lime Green' and the two others are 'Black Cherry'.

In this basket I have included a Fuschia 'Trudi Davro', Petunia 'Black Cherry' and Bacopa 'Blue'.

This basket is smaller than the others so has a single Surfinia 'Melissa' inside.

Lastly I planted up one of my Summer Containers with Helychrysum 'Gold', Calibrachoa 'Fuschia' and Petunia 'Sunshine'. There is also another Lobelia in this design which is hiding around the back!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope I have helped give you all some ideas!


  1. Lovely baskets you will have plenty of blooms with these x Susan x

    1. Thanks, now it's just the waiting game! xxx