Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It's Time To ...

Good Morning!
I can't believe that tomorrow we are starting October already, this year has flown by! However this month is my favourite and not just because it's my birthday on Monday lol I love seeing Autumnal foliage coming through and the cooler days are a lot easier to cope with!
Back to today's post and it's about what I have done this week.

First up was finding some time to take some Penstemon Cuttings, just incase I lose some over the Winter, it's always good to have some back ups! I have a lovely deep purple and white Penstemon of which I have taken the cuttings from.

First off when taking Cuttings I like to prepare the pot they are going into first. I use a mix of Compost and Perlite for drainage then wet the compost.

I collected 4 cuttings just incase some of them fail.

Stripped them off their lower leaves, dipped into Rooting Powder and then placed down the side of the pot.
I will keep these over winter in my GH and hopefully I shall have some healthy plants for next year.

I also sowed a selection of seeds for next year, can you tell the colour theme?
I'm going for a mix of Reds & Pinks!

This year I thought I would try sowing the Sweet Pea's in Toilet Roll Tubes. Due to their depth they are recommended for Sweet Pea's so that they can develop a good root system, might aswell give it a try!

Lastly it was also time to compost the left over Tomato Plants which included my 3 TomTato Plants! I have to say I wasn't overly impressed with the total amount of Potatoes from all 3 together, especially the size of a couple of them, but it's always worth trying something new.

However there was one Potato that caught my eye, don't you think he looks like a Whale! He even has an eye! lol ... I don't even think I can bring myself to eat him!

Thanks for popping by, what are you up to in the garden this week?


  1. Great idea about using toilet roll middles. I'll try that, thanks. I had considered trying the tom tato plants bit don't think I will now. I planted Lucinda, Tomatoberry garden & sungold cherry this year. They all dogs very well - unlike the moneymaker which I only had 6 tomatoes from :-( x

    1. Hiya hun, they're still worth a try but I wouldn't recommend paying the price they are, maybe if they reduced them to a few pounds as you can see you don't really get much of a Potato harvest lol
      It's funny how some varieties don't do too well compared to others, I've heard of a few of the larger varieties not performing too well this year.
      Fingers crossed next year will be better!