Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Shopping Trip ...

Good Morning!
Another post from me today, you are certainly being spoiled this week! lol
Last weekend I made a trip to the Garden Centre to get some more compost but I couldn't resist buying a few extra bit's once I was there, well it'd be rude not to!

The Cyclamen and Conifer were for a large pot at the front of my house and along with them I have planted some 'Primrose - Rosebud' and a Wallflower. Not forgetting a couple of Dwarf Narcissus bulbs which should make an appearance next spring!

Currently it's sat alongside my 'Pittosporum - Tom Thumb' and a Dianthus. However knowing me I shall probably end up adding and re-aranging the display in a few weeks.

The White Cyclamen has been potted up and is currently sat in the GH. I love the clean white petals and this Winter I am hoping to keep some flowering plants in the GH so that it still feels as inviting inside as the Summer!

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  1. Lovely pics of your newbies. Just wondering if you have an Aldi local to you - last week l bought a pack 0f 5 outdoor hyacinths, 30 Muscari and 25 dwarf tulips/Tarda all for £1.39 per pack and are all healthy bulbs x Susan x

    1. Sounds like a good deal does that hun :) Our nearest one is about 20 miles away but may be worth having a look xxx

  2. Gorgeous display again nat, and thanks to Susiestacey for the tip, maybe go looksee..xx