Friday, 26 September 2014

Getting Ready For Winter ...

Good Morning!
Okay so maybe the title is a little bit more alarming than it should be! 

Earlier this week I dug up the Dahlia's and Antirrhinum's from the front border as they were looking a bit tired and I wanted to get the Winter Bedding in whilst the ground was still warm to give them a good start.

However there was 1 or 2 Dahlia's that were still looking okay so I popped them into some pots and lined them along the front of the house.

Once all the plants had been pulled out and any debris picked up I gave the ground a quick turn over ready for the new residents!

As always I like to position the plants where they are to go before planting. 
As you can see here at the back of the border will be some Wallflowers and I also planted some dwarf Narcissus bulbs at the same time which will hopefully come up next spring.

These have been joined by a row of Bellis- 'Pomponette' in the middle and some 'Primrose - Rosebud' at the front! I then added a mulch of compost over the top to add some extra nutrients to the soil and also give a neat finishing touch!

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  1. This looks so tidy for the winter Nat, hope when it springs to life next year you will share...x

  2. Very tidy.... still digging my allotment and bringing home primroses l planted there that the park were composting in spring - each primrose has made babies too so lots of free plants x Susan x

    1. Ooh how lucky for you :) You will have to share some photos! xxx