Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Greenhouse Catch Up ...

Good Morning!
It's been ages since I had something to share with you other than the Weekly Checklist, so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to show you how things are looking in the Greenhouse now that we are in September!

The first thing that literally hits you as you walk in are the Tomatoes! 
The tomatoes on the left are a mix of Sungold, Alicante & Golden Sunrise. As you can see from my earlier remark one of the Sungold plants has some fruit hanging from the top of the pant which tap you on the head each time you walk in and out.
Admittedly they aren't looking their best and are on a serious tilt due to me having to move them up trying to fit some staging back in, but they still fruit wonderfully and at the end of the day that's all that matters!

These are the 'Golden Sunrise' Tomatoes which are a lovely bright yellow and the only variety I grew from seed myself this year. I have to say they are also my favourites!

 Over on the right are my three TomTato plants and I am rather impressed with the size and taste of the fruits. Considering the plant is grafted with a Potato plant I wasn't expecting the fruits to be too impressive but they reach a good size and have a lovely sweet taste. It'l be interesting to see if the Potato's fair as well when it comes to tasting them!

My Pepper plant seems to still be going strong and the peppers are full of flavour so I'l definitely be growing these next year along with my Cucamelon Plant which finished last week.

As I'd mentioned in my Checklists the Winter Bedding has arrived and been pricked out, here you can see the bottom shelf and on the left of the top is full of Primrose 'Rosebud' plants along with 5 Polyanthus plugs I saved from work. On the right of the top shelf are Bellis 'Pomponette'.

Not forgetting the trailing Viola 'Teardrops' which finally arrived last week.

Alongside the Viola's are Pelargonium cuttings which I took a few weeks ago and seem to be doing quite well.

Lastly if you turn the corner outside the Greenhouse you will see on the staging I have there that the Dianthus Plugs which arrived a few weeks ago seem to be doing well too.

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  1. Hiya Nat - everything looks great - you still have plenty of tomatoes which is wonderful - we're feasting on ours just now - its great!! Hugs rachel x