Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A Spare 5 Minutes ...

Good Morning!
Just a short and sweet post from me today, but I thought it was better than nothing at all! I had a spare 5 minutes yesterday morning so decided to have a bit of a clear up of the potted plants. The following set were holding a selection of Diascia and Nemetia, but they were past their best and ready for a freshening up! 

After getting these lone 3 White Polyanthus plants I hadn't made my mind up where they would be going in my Winter display seeing that there is only three. However the answer came when emptying the above pots, a happy coincidence!

They were ready to be potted on so I planted them up with some John Innes No.2 (Multi - Purpose would be perfectly fine, I've just ran out of it!)

I then set them outside in a spare patch of the garden, once flowering I think they'l look quite cute together!

Lastly one of my Dianthus Plug Plants has flowered that I received back in Mid Summer. It's the only one that has flowered so far, as you can see the plant is still rather small so could've probably done with the flower head snipping off to concentrate it's energy on the rest of the plant. But I couldn't bring myself to do it and it give's a lovely splash of pink and has a vanilla scent!

The variety is called 'Romance' and you can find the set that I ordered HERE.

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  1. love the little pots nat they look good together.
    Dad xxx