Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Autumn Planting Onions & Garlic ...

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On Monday's Checklist one of the points was to plant Onions & Garlic. Well this is something I have done myself this week and I thought some of you might like to see how to do it if planning to do so yourselves. 

This is my first year doing this so it'l be interesting to see how they turn out, and apparently Red Onions are one of the easiest to bolt, but at least if that does happen I can say I tried!
I have used Garlic - Macro and Red Onion - Electric.

When planting it's always a good idea not to plant these in the same place as you have done so previously with them or Leeks. I have planted mine just to the side of where my Leeks were so fingers crossed they'll be okay! Ideally I would have done them at the opposite side of the Raised Bed but that is currently taken up.

When planting make sure you go over the soil and remove any weeds first. Using a Bamboo cane mark out a line or a drill as it also known to mark where you would like to plant them.

To start off with I am planting my Garlic which needs to be 1 inch deep and with 4 inches between them. Position them so the pointy end is facing upwards.

I then marked out a 5 inch space along and repeated the process with the Bamboo cane, planting my Onions also at 1 inch deep but spaced 5 inches apart this time. I have also heard that some people like to plant them with the tips showing, so it'l be good to see how the technique I've tried turns out.

TIP - Label your bulbs with the name and variety before you spread the soil back over. That way you will know exactly where they are.

Water the soil and make sure it kept moist for the following few days, also check that the soil hasn't been disturbed by pesky birds, replacing any if you need to.

I hope you have found this helpful!
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  1. Hi Natalie l grew garlic which l planted last autumn for the first time and it was amazing - my summer onions have been my best ever this year - but l never plant them under soil l just poke them into the soil with the nose showing. Happy growing - l am just digging my allotment over for winter and tidying up l have quite a lot of winter veg doing well - swede, parsnip, leeks, cabbage, purple broccoli - yummy x Susan x

    1. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy hun! Interesting technique with the onions, if mine don't do well this year I shall try it your way next time :) xxx