Friday, 3 October 2014

Spring Flowering Pots ...

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Today's post is about a quick job you can in 10 minutes to ensure some Spring colour next year, Spring flowering pots!

All you need is a selection of bulbs, here I have some 'Crocus - Blue Pearl', 'Dwarf Narcissus' & 'Tulip - Black Parrot' bulbs.

Think of your pot as a layer cake, add some crocs over the drainage holes at the bottom and then a layer of compost. Place your first layer of bulbs on top, for me this will be the Tulips as they will be the last to flower.

Add a layer of compost on top and then place your next set of bulbs, Dwarf Narcissus, these will be the second ones to flower.

Repeat with another layer of compost and then add your final bulbs. These will be my Crocus's as they are the first one's out of this selection to flower.

Top off with a final layer of compost and place in a sunny but sheltered position outside.

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