Thursday, 16 October 2014

Garlic, Onions & Flowers ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is a little catch up with how things are getting on in the garden.
Remember a couple of weeks ago when I planted my Autumn Garlic & Onions? Well they have started showing some healthy growth, the Garlic is a little further ahead than the Onions. Last week I also planted an extra row of Garlic with some of what I had left in-between the Wallflowers and Onions.

You may also spot that my Chrysanthemum's are looking a bit bare, I have had to strip the leaves off due to White Rust again. You are probably best getting rid of them but considering they were blooming and the Rust shouldn't transfer to the Garlic & Onions I thought I might aswell enjoy the flowers for a bit longer before removing them.

I had a lot of Onion bulbs left and I didn't want to chuck them but I had nowhere else to plant them. So I have sown them in some cell trays which have been placed in a sheltered place and  they should be happy living there until there is space for them to be planted out, either in a few weeks or in the Spring. I thought I would also try this with the 6 remaining Garlic bulbs I had left, well you might aswell give it a go instead of them going to waste!

Meanwhile elsewhere in the Garden I have some nice colour creeping in, 
from the Viola's in the Hanging Baskets ...

The Viburnum Tinus in the Front Border ...

Along with the Primroses in the Pots ...

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  1. You've still got some lovely colour in the garden, Nat and are doing well with your winter veggies! My garden is in the midst of being overhauled - well, it was until the rain started and hasn't stopped since! I want to get some hard landscaping done with raised beds for my veg and mainly pots for flowers, but it probably won't happen until the Spring now! Oh well, I can just look at yours and dream! Hugs, Lisa x

    1. We've had lot's of rain here too recently, hopefully you'll get a break in it where you can get on with your garden! xxx