Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cuttings Catch Up ...

Good Morning!
Today I thought I'd share with you how some of the cuttings I took a few week's ago are getting on. If you remember I took some of my Pelargoniums as it's much easier to over - winter them when they're a smaller size, specially if you only have a little GH like me!
The cuttings had developed a good root growth last week so I decided to pot them on into some Teracatto Pots and give them a top dressing.

I have set them out across the top of my staging, with some space between each which will improve air circulation and fingers crossed help keep grey mould at bay!

As you can see one of the 'Bergpalais' cuttings has even flowered.

The Clematis 'Winter Beauty' cutting has also successfully rooted so I potted that on too and gave it a little support for the new growth it's developed.

I also decided to pot on my Dianthus plants and give them a top dressing too.

Also the seeds I sowed a few days ago have already germinated and seem to be doing well! I should hopefully be able to prick them out into individual pots soon.

Lastly I have also made a start on my Winter Baskets. I decided to have some with just Trailing Viola's in. They're rather dinky now but once they get going they'l spread out.

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