Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Clearing The Greenhouse ...

Good Morning!
Last week I decided it was time to give the GH a good clean after disposing of this year's Tomato Plants. This should hopefully get rid of any pests that were wanting to stay over winter!
I cleaned the outside and inside panels which would also help let more light in on winter days.

As you can see I have started putting my bubble insulation back up, I kept last years but gave it a good hose down before putting into place. I shall be adding the rest of the insulation soon.

At the far end you can see my collection of trays and pots, along with a few plants!
The Orchid on the left has since been moved into my conservatory but the Fuschia 'Black Prince' and White Cyclamen will hopefully be staying put over winter.

I have brought my Agapanthus under cover as it's not the hardiest of plants. You may get away with leaving it outside in a southern, sheltered garden but certainly not in mine!
TIP - When bringing plants in make sure you inspect each leaf and the container for any hitch-hiking pests!

I also brought in my Alstromeria which I re-potted and rid of old growth beforehand.

Over on the other side you can see the Staging which has my Pelargoniums on top as mentioned in my previous post, various cuttings, seedlings and a range of Alpines.

There are still some more plants to come in, such as my Abutilon & Chocolate Cosmos before the temperature drops so I may end up having to have another re-shuffle to fit things in! lol

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