Monday, 17 March 2014

The Sun Has Been Shining ...

Good Morning!
I don't have anything too new to share with you at the moment so I just thought I'd share some photo's of how things are getting on at the front of the house. Over the past week we have had a fair bit of sunshine and it's surprising just how much things improve with that little extra bit of sunlight & heat!

At the front of the house the main tub full of bedding plants is blooming and certainly catches your eye!

Especially the Ornamental Kale that I put in a few months back, I should really take it out but the fact it seems to be reaching for the sky is amusing to look at!

Back in the garden the big tub that I planted up a couple of weeks ago and shared photo's of in my last post has changed even more so. The Crocus's have shot up and one of the Tulips is strikingly beautiful.

It might not be so apparent from these photo's but the GH Seedlings are getting a lot bigger and stronger, showing a definite improvement from a few days ago.

Dahlia's & Sweet Peas

Spring Onions & Cosmos


Sunflowers - Vanilla Ice

Tomato's & Cornflowers
Please Note - These aren't the Tomatoes I am trying to grow from seed, these are seedlings I got from work. I am still waiting for the ones I sowed myself to germinate!

Autumn Sown Sweat Peas have got taller and you can see that 2 of the Spring sown Sweat Pea's which made it into this photo are coming along nicely too.

Lastly my Tulip Pots are putting on some growth too. I can't wait for these to flower, I am hoping they will be as beautiful to look at as I am picturing in my mind.

Before I go can I just say thank you for all the lovely comments that have been left for me on my posts. I really do appreciate the time you take to leave them and each one is a pleasure to read. I also love hearing about how your getting on in your gardens, it's nice to know what everyone else is doing at the same time as me. I do try my best to reply to your comments beneath them.

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  1. It is all coming along nicely, your seedlings are doing well - my toms still not germinated x Susan x

    1. Atleast I am not the only one. Now the weather is getting warmer though hopefully that will change! xxx

  2. great progress and colour Nat! I'm still waiting for the first of my seeds to germinate - it looked as though the sweet peas were emerging last night when I popped into the greenhouse. I'm doing tomato plants this year - I've done seeds for the last 10 years and had varied success but my dad always gets plants and always does better than me - so I'm biting the bullet this year!!! Hugs rachel xx

    1. Good Luck! Let me know what varieties you go for. I haven't got a clue where I'm going to put all mine as I have 8 plants and 3 TomTato plants coming in May ... along with hopefully 1 or 2 that I have tried from seed. I need a bigger GH! lol xxx