Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mail Order Plants ...

Good Morning!
Today I thought I'd share with you a little bit about Mail Order Plants. Apart from getting plants from my place of work I also buy a few online. Now I know a lot of people are put off doing this due to the thought of how plants can be posted to you safely and kept in a good condition throughout the journey.

The best way I find not to worry about this too much is to always use a good and well - known retailer, this way you can usually count on the plants being well packaged and in a good condition. On the off chance that they don't arrive in  the best of health, in my experience I have always found that the retailers I use are happy to send out a replacement straight away or offer a refund.

TIP - ALWAYS plant your order immediately after it arrives, this will give your plants the best chance of success. If this isn't possible try to make sure you plant them within 24hours and keep them in a cool dark place for the meantime.

Here is what I received this week, the first parcel is from Thompson & Morgan and the second is from Crocus. I have used both companies many times and are usually my first port of call when it comes to online shopping!

From Thompson & Morgan I received one part of an order I placed last month. You can usually expect orders to be split as we all know that some plants germinate and grow quicker than others. I am still waiting on 3 other varieties to arrive and you can usually check how long they will be if you view your order history on the wesbite. To be honest though for myself I just think it all adds to the excitement if you know something is still on it's way! lol Back to what I received this week and these are 48 Petunia Plug plants, I chose them for the beautiful colour combination.

Click the photo to read more about them over on the retailers website.

As soon as I opened the packaging I filled some seed trays, made some holes and pricked them out into their new home!

This week I also invested in some more Greenhouse Staging. I already have two of these stands along one side of the GH and with space running out I thought it was best to buy two more for the opposite side! When it comes to Summer I shall simply put these against the former two on the other side in order to make space for the Tomato plants. If only I had space for a bigger GH! 

Well thanks for stopping by today, I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and managing to get things done yourselves. I shall be back on Tuesday to share with you what was in the other box!


  1. It is certainly looking busy in the GH now Natalie, l brought my tomato's in the house and put them on top of the fish tank and within 3 day l now have 9 seedlings growing - amazing as they had been in greenhouse since 2/2 and nothing germinated. Everything else is doing well. Enjoy your gardening x Susan x

    1. Glad to hear they have finally made an appearance! Two of mine have now come up, exciting times for us both! xxx

  2. I use Thompson and morgan quite a lot too Nat - they've had some amazing offers this week - i ordered some perenials on Friday - a bumper bundle for only 12 pounds including postage - they're not due until May - looking forward to them coming and filling the garden up for years to come!

    1. Oooh you will have to share some pics of when they arrive :) I've still got 3 lots of bedding plants to arrive before the end of April and my Tomtato Plants I won from them are due in May. Exciting times! xxx