Friday, 14 March 2014

A Little Update ...

Good Morning!
As promised I'm back with a little update on what is happening in the Greenhouse! After the warmer weather we've had recently everything seems to be coming along nicely. The Hyacinths especially have burst up and you get a wonderful aroma when you enter the GH or just stand near the door. You can also spot some Grass plugs just infront of them which I got last week from work.

The tulips I planted into some pots back in November have started making an appearance too in the past few days.

Remember those seedlings I sowed a few posts ago? Well some of them have germinated and hopefully the rest won't be too far behind. 

More seedlings shooting up ...

Last week I also saved some Tomato seedlings from work that were heading for the bin, not that I have any space for them but I couldn't bear to throw them away! lol the Cornflower seeds I sowed have also started coming along nicely too.

On Monday I spread some Poppy seeds outside in the far corners as they were going spare and I thought they could brighten up some bare areas. We'l see at a later date whether this was a success! I also sowed some Nasturtium seeds in the GH.

There was also another little addition to the GH on Wednesday, these were destined for the bin at work as they leftover from pricking so of course I saved them! lol

Finally I thought I'd leave you with a little snap of the tulip and crocus that have started popping up in the tub I planted up a weekend or so ago.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look,


  1. fabulous work Nat - I'm so glad you're doing this as it keeps giving me a little nudge and things are getting done here too - planted penny's sweet pea seeds on Tuesday and on wednesday I planted onion sets and leek seeds and some rudbeckias too oh and some dahlia tubers. its all happening .....

    1. Sounds like you have made a good start :) xxx

  2. Lovely to see everything coming along nicely, still waiting for my toms to germinate :( x Susan x