Thursday, 6 March 2014

Bare-root Peonies...

Good Morning!
Today's post is all about some bare-root Peonies that I ordered a couple of months ago which arrived earlier this week. I know I probably shouldn't have but how could I resist when all you had to do was pay postage! 

These are the types I received -
Sarah Bernhardt
Shirley Temple
Karl Rosenfield

The best way to plant these is straight into the ground where they are supposed to go in autumn / early Spring. Place them the woody side down with the dormant buds (red eyes) facing upwards. It can be quite tricky to tell which end is the right way up when you first look at them! When burying them cover them completely with soil, with the dormant buds about 1-2 inches below the surface.

Peonies are not really suited for container growing but can be placed in them for a couple of weeks for example if you are moving house or are just being indecisive about where to put them (like me!). Use a soil-based compost such as John Innes no.3 and don't let it dry out. 

However it is best to plant them in the ground straight away.

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