Monday, 3 March 2014

A Spring Spruce Up, Part 2!

Good Morning!
As promised I'm back again today with what else I got up to during  my Spring Spruce up! As well as embellishing the front garden a little bit I went over a few bits in the back. Such as the large pot at the side of my Greenhouse that held my Sweet Pea wigwam last Summer and some Pansies during the Winter ...

I used an assortment of Primroses, Tulips and Crocus's. 
Placing the Tulips & Crocus's in the centre and the Primroses circling them.

I also gave some pots a spruce up by replacing the tired pansies with some Primroses.

I decided to give my side border a little tidy up too. The border is rather narrow and was filled with stones when we moved in this time last year. It seemed a waste to leave it like that so I added some soil and plants in the hope that one day it'l be a bit nicer to look at! 

As you can predict I added some Primroses and a little cluster of Crocus's to the border along with clearing out some leaves and weeds. I would have added more Primroses but by this time I was running low! To finish it off I added a mulch of Composted Bark as I had half a bag going spare.

Seeing as I was on a bit of a mission I added some left-over Primroses to another border that hosted my Dahlia's last Summer. If I had known I would have been going to do this I would have bought some another pack! You will see in the photo that I do have a handful left but I decided to save them in case I have any last minute ideas.

Before I go I thought I'd share a little update on the seeds in the Greenhouse. As you can see the Dahlia, Sweet Pea & Comsos seedlings are getting stronger.

For those of you who may have noticed that the fences are different colours, I am planning on painting them all and the shed in deep oak brown when the weather improves!
 I hope I haven't bombarded you with too many photo's over the past two days. 


  1. Lovely photo's natalie, the borders will soon be full of colour x Susan x

  2. this all looks very industrious and beautiful Nat - I've got as far as getting my broad bean seeds and I found some sweet peas called Gwendoline which is my mums name so I had to have them too. My daughter Penny chose some stocks so we should have a very fragrant garden this year xx

  3. Lovely to see how your garden is looking Nat xx