Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dahlia Tubers ...

Good Morning!
As promised I am back today with what was in the other box, and the answer is ... Dahlia Tubers! I haven't tried growing Dahlia's from Tubers before, just from seed, so it should be interesting to see how well they turn out! Crocus currently have some Dahlia tubers on sale which is what tempted me to treat myself to two of these varieties, Cafe Au Lait and Eveline!

Both of these varieties can reach up to 1 metre in height so are perfect for adding some height to your garden.

To start off the Tubers the way I have chosen to do it is the following. I sought advice from the Gardeners World Website and Forum but I know others may have a different way of doing this.

 Select a tub for each tuber just slightly bigger than it's size and cover the bottom with a layer of multi-purpose compost. Ensure that the joint where the roots meet the stem is facing upwards and place on top.

Cover the Tuber with more compost and don't forget to label which variety it is. 

I followed this for the following three tubers and placed them in a sunny spot in my GH. I will wait until a week has passed before starting to water the compost to then encourage growth. I have been given this piece of advice from a fellow Gardener who usually has good success with Dahlia's.

Before I go I wanted to share some wonderful news I received yesterday. I found out I was the Star Photo Winner in the April Edition of Garden Answers Magazine! It was certainly a surprise to see and it made my day.



  1. Well done on the start photo winner - it is a lovely , photo.
    My allotment neighbouro grow uses half of his lottie to grow Dahlia's all tubers he keeps every year - a spectacular sight, my fav is Bishop of Landaff.
    Nearly all my toms have germinated on top of the fishtank :) x Susan x

    1. Thanks Susie. I agree that particular Dahlia is one of my favourite's too. Glad to hear your tomatoes are doing so well, 3 out of 5 that I sowed have come through. Lord knows where I am going to put them all! xxx

  2. your dahlias look promising Nat - I've never grown them from tubers before but mine are currently sitting in pots of soil like yours. And well done on the photo win xx

    1. Thanks Rach. It's my first attempt growing from tubers so it'l be fun to see how they work out! xxx

  3. nat I am so proud of you xx