Thursday, 27 March 2014

Plodding Along Potting On ...

Good Morning!
I have been back in the Greenhouse over the past few days doing some more Potting On. 
I started off by pricking out the Spring Onion - White Lisbon seedlings I sowed in a little tray back last month. To do this I gently teased each seedling from the tray, being careful not to be too heavy handed.

I filled a tray with compost that has cells which aren't too wide for the seedlings to cope with at this early stage.

I repeated this process for my Antirrhinum - Night & Day seedlings.

Along with pricking out seedlings I potted on my Hollyhocks which I sowed back in the Autumn. You can clearly see that some are doing better than others! 

I also saved some seedlings from the bin at work this week, we sometimes have a couple left over when pricking out into packs and I'm too soft to chuck them away lol Here you can see a collection of Viola, Petunia, Anitirrhinum, Marigold and Tagetes. In the top right you can also see that some of the Nasturtiums I sowed are starting to germinate.

For those of you who are interested another 2 seedlings have come through of the Tomato that I sowed. Everything in this tray seems to be slowly making an appearance except the Didiscus!

Thanks for stopping by, I thought I'd leave you with a look at how the large pot in the back garden is doing as it's a nice cheery contrast to the chilly & rainy weather we've had the past few days!



  1. Everything is looking good Natalie, all my toms have now germinated after l brought them out of GH and puit them on top of fish tank in dining room - think they needed more constant heat so will do that again next year too x Susan x

  2. everything is coming along wonderfully nat - my sweet peas and broad beans are doing great and some beetroot has started to come though now too! xx