Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Busy Little Bee ...

Good Morning!
Apologies for not being around the past few days! We've had a few days of good weather so I decided to take advantage of this and re-paint the garden fences. I certainly did not expect this to take me 3 days and 2 coats but it's almost there! The fences & shed were a mis-match of bare and faded red wood so I decided to go with a 'Dark Oak' colour.

Whilst painting I noticed that the Pulmonaria was in flower which is in the shade of next door's tree. I also found out whilst painting the fence that I share with the neighbours they are planning on getting rid of the tree this week which will allow a lot more sunlight onto the patio area if they do.

I also managed to get around to digging a new border outside the shed. I decided to do this so as the shed wasn't so much of an eyesore!

I started out by cutting out a semi-circle shape.

I then forked over the ground as it was very compacted and there were quite a few weeds. I also added the remainder of the Manure I had left over to help enrich the soil.

I finished off by adding the rose I mentioned a few posts ago in the centre.

Thanks for stopping by, I'l be back soon with an update on what is happening in the Greenhouse!



  1. Your garden is looking lovely Natalie, hope the rose takes well by the shed x Susan x

  2. wow nat - you have been busy - my seeds are just starting to germinate now - and I'll be back at gardening club soon so its all go xx

  3. Hope your rose is happy by the shed, great idea to brighten that area up. Years ago when we had a shed, I painted it with each plank alternating blue & white so it resembled a beach hut. That really brightened it up & made it into an attractive feature, while somehow making the garden seem bigger too xx

  4. wow nat you must have had lots of help with all that work -----hint hint