Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Vegetables & Chrysanthemum's ...

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If you remember a week or so I received my Chrysanthemums for the Autumn? Well it was time to plant them out into their final positions after rooting around the 9cm pots I pricked them out into. 
This year I have decided to plant them in the Raised Bed as I'm not too keen on Winter Vegetables and I didn't want the space to go to waste.  Plus it will be a great colourful feature in the centre of the garden when everything else is fading! Before planting out I prepared the soil by hoeing over it to remove all the weeds.

When planting out Chrysanthemums they need to be positioned approx 30cm apart. The spacing is slightly less between mine but not too far off. I always like to position them in their pots whilst organising the layout before planting out.

I had two of each colour and distanced them both apart from each other, however I kept the labels with the plants for each so that I still know what variety they are.

After about 10-14 days when the plants have grown a bit larger I will be adding stakes as a support.
Below the Raised bed you can see the 6 Anastacia Green Chrysanthemums in pots, this is because they are an indoor variety which will need to be lifted into the Greenhouse when the first frosts arrive.

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