Thursday, 10 July 2014

Blooming Visitors ...

Good Morning!
Recently some of the plants that haven't bloomed yet are finally starting to do so, so I wanted to share them with you all today. 
Let's start off with some of the Fuschia's, the one's in pots that are displayed infront of the GH haven't done so yet but one in a Hanging Basket 'Trudi Davro' and one in a pot at the front of the house, has. 

The Crocosmia 'Lucifer' at the back of the garden has opened it's petals and looks stunning with the colour and height. 

I have two Phygelius planted in a border alongside the lawn which look great with their spires of bell shaped flowers.

Lastly we had a little visitor in our garden recently, I found him on our front lawn so moved him into our back garden due to our road. He was a large Hedgehog and ever so cute! He enjoyed a patter around the garden before leaving through a gap in the fence. Contrary to what people say it is best to give them water, not milk. Unfortunately I didn't have any food to give him but he did seem to find a few slugs / snails before he left! It's always nice when wildlife visits your garden.

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  1. Hi Nat love your gorgeous flower pics.. lots og our Fuchsia's are blooming in the GH later..have you seen/got the yellow Phygelius ? its a real thug grows so well ion my daughters garden from a cutting I grew for her..our Lucifer is no where near flowering :(..

    smiles Christine x

    1. Sounds like your GH is lovely :) I have indeed seen the yellow one, I don't have it personally but I can imagine it looks great in dappled shade.
      Hopefully your Lucifer flowers soon, to be fair it is rather early for them anyway lol xxx