Thursday, 3 July 2014

Tall Planters ...

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We all have those planters which at first glance can be a little daunting to fill due to their size and shape. Hopefully this post will help alleviate that problems for some of you! These would be perfect for a more permanent feature display but I decided to keep it simple with some plants that I already had to hand.

First off with these size planters they can take up a LOT of compost so incase any of you missed my previous post with this tip here it is again. Fill up the lower part of your containers with crocks or polystyrene which will not only help drainage but also save your compost!

Fill the remaining container with compost, I used a combination of John Innes no.2 & Multi - Purpose for two reasons, one was that I am not sure whether these will be the final display for the planters and two I didn't have enough John Innes for them both! lol
I planted them up with two Dianthus - Crimson Rim which will add height (something needed for taller planters as low growing plants look out of place & out of proportion) and some simple but striking colour when they bloom.

I then placed them either side of the conservatory doors where they could remaining a pair and create more height in the pot display.
TIP - Don't water the planters until they are in the final position otherwise they will be trickier to move.
P.S. Can you spot the doggies?

If you would like to know what any of the other plants are in the pot display then feel free to get in touch and ask.
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