Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Stars ...

Good Morning!
Today's post is all about the stars of the garden right now! Of course every plant is a star in it's own right really but these few are the one's that have only just started flowering in the past week or two and catch my eye every time I'm outside.

First up probably isn't that impressive to you at the moment but it's one of my Winter Flowering Clematis's 'Winter Beauty'. At the start of the year it was barely above ground level as it had been ravaged by pesky slugs and snails, however it has now put on lot's of lush fresh growth and will hopefully continue this way!

 Just beneath the Clematis you can also see my next 'star'. This is Zinnia 'Green Envy' and although it might not be to everyone's taste I love it. The petals appear more yellow on the photograph but they infact a pale green. 

This is Rudbekia 'Cherry Brandy' and although I'm not usually drawn to red flowers this is certainly one of my favourites. I only have 2 plants of these in the garden but next year there will most certainly be more!

I know I only just shared this a couple of days ago, but I love it that much I had to do it again. Another of my new favourites that will definitely be frequenting more of the garden next year, Chocolate Cosmos.

Of course I had to share with you how my larger Dahlia's are doing, earlier in the year I shared how I potted the tubers up so it's only right that I share their blooms! 'Cafe Au Lait' and 'Eveline' both make a statement!

Finally I wanted to share with you something from my Parent's Garden, the Alpine trough! I planted this up a few weeks ago and as you can see it is filling out nicely.

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