Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Never Too Late ...

Good Morning!
At this time of year most people have finished adding plants to their gardens but as the title says it's never too late! For example last week I couldn't resist an offer for 12 different hardy Dianthus Plug Plants, I've potted them up in small pots and when they are large enough they will be placed in large pots or planted around the garden.

Yesterday I bought a selection of plants that were originally going to be planted separately in various places but after taking this photograph of them I decided to keep them all together.
Incase you can't tell very well from the photograph I bought 'Chocolate Cosmos' which smells just like it's name, 'Ajuga' and 'Echeveria'.

I planted them up in a large pot which should look lovely once they have filled out a bit. All of the plants last year round, the Chocolate Cosmos is infact a tender perennial so the pot will need to be brought inside during winter. I will also be taking some cuttings from it to hopefully get some more plants!

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